BeXar-Advanced Solutions Group is a collaborative organization of accomplished individuals with over 50 years combined construction experience. 


Design/Build Services
BeXar-ASG has an experienced team in providing solutions to your Design-Build needs. We have years of experience in providing design build services. We have a team of Architects and Engineers who can turn your ideas into finished products faster and usually significantly less expensive than traditional design.

Construction & Engineering 
BeXar-ASG provides a multidiscipline array of construction and engineering services by utilizing a systems approach stressing communication, safety and quality assurance. We believe successful projects require interaction among individuals whose various technical skills can be blended to realize a common goal.

Program Management 
BeXar-ASG provides you with extensive expertise, innovative solutions and excellent decision making abilities to complete your project, successfully, every time. BeXar-ASG provides a multi-disciplined approach to project and program management. We stress safety, communication, quality assurance and on-going assessment. By utilizing state-of-the-art technology and life cycle management best practices,  BeXar-ASG delivers results. Our team has a broad base of experience in managing intricate project details.

Primary NAICS:


Secondary NAICS:

236210, 237110, 237130, 237990, 238160, 238190, 238220, 238290, 238330, 238990, 517510, 561210

Specializing in federal contracting Bexar ASG has completed work for the following agences.